Snow Horse PTA

Snow Horse Families! Big things happen through the PTA, and WE NEED YOU AWESOME PARENTS!

Field Trips

School Musical

Kindness Club



Diversity & Disability Awareness & Education

Junior Achievement

Student Council/Hope Squad

Ribbon Weeks (teachings on bullying, drugs, alcohol, pornography and safety & diversity)

Teacher Appreciation and Support

Battle of the Books

Reading Week

Vision Screenings

Safety Programs

Breakfast with Someone Grand

SEP Teacher Dinners

6th Grade Dance/Graduation


Book Fairs

Field Day

Dudes & Donuts/Dining with Dudes

Grants for Snow Horse teachers

State & National Legislative Advocacy

Ways you can be a part of PTA at Snow Horse:

DONATE: For the past five years, Snow Horse has opted to do a yearly family donation in lieu of a fundraiser. This yearly PTA donation funds more than 25 programs at Snow Horse (see list above). A part of your donation also includes your membership to the National, State, and Local PTAs. The yearly donation is $40/child or $80/family. These (and all other PTA related purchases) can be paid here: Memberhub.

VOLUNTEER: Volunteering in the PTA is not required with the donation, but is greatly appreciated. There are numerous ways to serve - at home, at school, quick things or bigger commitments. Please fill out the volunteer form on our volunteer page -- OR -- fill out the questionnaire when you join PTA on Memberhub.

HAVE A VOICE: In addition to these programs, we would like the PTA to become a true liaison between parents and the school. You will also be able to HAVE A VOICE by submitting your insights, concerns and ideas to These suggestions will be addressed monthly when Principal Forsgren, Vice Principal Hansen, Teacher Representatives, and parents meet to discuss school issues and events. These events will be listed on our calendar each month.

Thank you for your generosity in making these programs possible for our children and teachers!